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SquareOne Physiotherapists are experts in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems.

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SquareOne Remedial Massage Therapists are experienced in a wide range of soft tissue therapy techniques.

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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates involves the conscious recruitment and control of muscular movements in the body.

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Clinical Pilates

Exercise in a safe environment with health professionals you can trust

·       Develop core stability and control

·       Maximise strength

·       Enhance flexibility

·       Increase mobility

·       Improve balance and co-ordination

·       Reduce your injury risk

·       Rehabilitate from injury or surgery

·       Improve pelvic floor function

SquareOne Pilates focuses on returning function to the areas we identify as being the cause of your pain and injury. Pilates involves the conscious recruitment and control of muscular movements in the body.

The SquareOne Pilates team use a combination of Pilates exercises and equipment, combined with the latest evidence based exercise to manage pain, rehabilitate, prevent injury and improve your performance. 




Individually designed programs with a Physiotherapist to rehabilitate injuries and maximise your results using the latest Pilates equipment available. 

Exercise designed in a safe environment to progress any injury or weaknesses to allow you to participant in an endeavor you would like including general fitness programs.

The focus is on your mobility, stability and strength. 

As a result you’ll become more confident to move, less prone to injury and increase your resilience to cope with your daily demands.  

Entry requirements: Kick Start package

  • A 1 hour Individual Assessment to identify weaknesses, assess problem areas and talk about your specific requirements and goals. This will include real-time ultrasound and introduction to some equipment.
  • Two private sessions introducing you to the equipment and developing your individual program.

Sessions are run as private 1:1, duo (1:2) or semi-private (max 4 participants).

Our pass based system allows for flexibility from week to week and great savings for our regular users.



Individually designed programs with a Pilates instructor to achieve your fitness goals. 

Perfect for those wanting to do Pilates for fitness without specific areas of injury. 

The focus is on your mobility, stability and strength. 

As a result you will improve your movement mechanics, flexibility, endurance and muscle tone. 

Entry requirements: Initial Assessment

  • 1 hour Individual Assessment to teach the correct use of core muscles using real-time ultrasound and assess suitability for the studio. This will include introduction to some equipment

Sessions are run as private 1:1 or semi-private (max 4 participants).

Our pass based system allows for flexibility from week to week and great savings for our regular users.

MAT classes:  

Our popular mat program instructed by a Physiotherapist in two progressive levels: Mat 1 and Mat 2 with a maximum of 4 per class. Classes are designed to generally improve core stability, abdominal strength, gluteal strength, balance and posture and are altered to accommodate limitations and injuries. 

Entry requirements: 

  • All clients not currently seeing one of our Physiotherapists are required to attend a one off initial assessment where they will be assessed for key areas to work on, exercises to suit your condition and learn how to recruit key abdominal muscles using real time ultrasound.

Classes are term based in school terms and booked in advance.


REFORMER Fitness Classes 

Designed for those without injury wanting to take their Pilates further using our reformers to increase the demands on the body.

Take your fitness to a whole new level where the key focus is on improving strength, tone, controlled movement and overall conditioning. 

You will leave each class feeling like you’ve had a full body workout and are confident you are on a journey to a stronger and fitter you.

Small group classes (max 4) with progressive levels of difficulty.

Entry requirements: 

  • Currently injured or ongoing back pain? Then this class is not yet for you as it forms part of our performance program – head to our Clinical Pilates classes first to prepare for these
  • Although no formal assessment is required to attend our reformer program we do recommend an initial assessment with real-time ultrasound to learn how to correctly activate your core muscles and gain maximum benefit from your classes.

Our pass based system allows for flexibility from week to week and great savings for our regular users.


MUMS AND BUBS - Mat classes

Designed for mums 0-6 months post-natal to get your body back in shape as quick as possible in fun, small classes with a maximum of 4 participants.

Run by a Women's Health Physiotherapist with specialised training in pelvic floor and exercise in post-natal women.

Classes focus on the demands of being a new mum, as well as focusing on your body after pregnancy and birth.

The classes include a variety of exercises to target core and pelvic floor strength, back, arm and leg strength and abdominal separation.

Classes are pass based (health fund rebates available) and babies are of course welcome!

Entry requirements:

  • 30 min assessment with a Physio to screen for any major injuries, check abdominal separation and use of real-time ultrasound to teach core activation and pelvic floor function.



Designed for athletes or those wanting to train like an athlete using a combination of our strength and conditioning gym, suspension training and Pilates reformers.

If you are looking for focussed classes designed to increase strength, movement mechanics and core stability to help improve your performance in your chosen field whether you are a home athlete, office athlete or sporting athlete.

This program is aimed to put you one step ahead in your chosen field. 

We have developed specific programs for specific sports with your sporting demands in mind.

All classes/appointments with a Physiotherapist can apply for rebates with private health funds if you have cover for Physiotherapy. 







2017 Class Terms

Term 1: Mon 30/1/17 -  Sat 8/4/17

Term 2: Mon 24/4/17 - Tues 4/7/17 

Term 3: Mon 17/7/17 - Sat 23/9/17

Term 4: Mon 9/10/17 -  Sat 16/12/17

Download the latest timetable and register by calling 9968 3424.

Registrations throughout the term are welcome (subject to availability).

Important information

  • Places in classes are secured once full payment has been received.
  • In the circumstance you need to pull out once payment has been processed, a refund will be given if your spot can be filled. A $50 administration charge will be taken.
  • Participants are required to bring a towel and wear comfortable clothing. Shoes are not required.
  • Please wear clean, fresh socks. Grip socks are recommended for equipment and can be purchased from reception.
  • Due to high demand & limited spaces we suggest you reserve your space ASAP to avoid disappointment. Classes will be filled on a “first served” basis.
  • If your preference is not available this term please let us know so we can adjust our timetable in the future.

Make-Up Classes

  • Limited to 2 per term only if notice is given of inability to attend.
  • If you know you will be unable to attend a class during the term (holidays, sick, work commitments etc) please call reception as soon as possible so we can offer your spot to others.
  • Make up classes can be taken throughout the term when there is available space. 

Health Fund Rebate

Clinical Pilates classes are claimable through your private health fund. As everybody’s cover is different, please check with your health fund for your entitlement under Physiotherapy, Group Physiotherapy or Pilates.

Participants will be supplied with an itemised receipt at the end of the term. If applicable this receipt can be presented to your health fund for a rebate. This method will ensure the maximum amount can be claimed.






Download the timetable


Call now to register 9968 3424.

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    • Low back pain
    • Disc bulges or degeneration
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Postural neck/back/shoulder pain

Clinical Pilates can...

    • Strengthen
    • Tone
    • Stabilise
    • Improve Posture
    • Improve Flexibility
    • Reduce injury risk
    • Reduce pain
    • Rehabilitate



























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  • Working in High Performace Sport
  • With the AFL football season having come to an end, I reflect back on my year with the GWS Giants. I got involved with the club across the 2017 season as I was fortunate enough to be the successful applicant of the FastTrack Programme for the Physiotherapy department. 

    There were many ups and downs across the year: from the last-minute wins, to consecutive weekly draws, to just falling short of making the grand-final; to say it was a roller coaster is an understatement. However the wealth of knowledge I gained from this year is something that will be hard to come by again, and it is the insight into the elite sporting environment that I want to share. 
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