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Lauren is Back in the Practice

By Lauren Gradwell

Everyone told me that the first six months of my little girls life would go so quickly! Honestly wasn't so sure, I thought that I might get a bit bored while I wasn't working, after all I can't remember the last day I had off to "do nothing".
Well... How wrong I was! Firstly I can hear all those Mums out there laughing at the thought of a new mum "doing nothing". In the past six months I have indeed been very busy. My priority has been providing for my daughter and enjoying the special moments such as her first smile, her giggles, starring in amazement at the leaves or the dogs, and now most recently trying to blow raspberries. It is amazing how much I have enjoyed these little events. I have taken time to walk in the park, enjoy a cafe and we've even watched the odd episode of PawPatrol.
In amongst this I also had the pleasure of working at the Commonwealth Games with my very supportive husband, and a cute little 10 week old bundle in tow. The atmosphere up in the Gold Coast was electric. The opportunity to work with some of the best medical staff and the best athletes in the Commonwealth was a real highlight of my career.
I have managed to squeeze in some lecturing (I prefer to think of it as knowledge and passion sharing). The lovely attendees of the FILEX 2018 Fitness Convention heard me talk about getting back into the gym and fitness routines after injury or surgery. The physios attending the APA Level 2 Sports course were given my insights into treating shoulders and elbow injuries in athletes. And my little girl has now heard her mum speak to crowds on 3 different occasions.
This week marks the start of a new chapter for our family. I'm returning to the clinic to work! Whilst I have been busy dabbling in bits here and there, I feel like I am now officially a working mum as of this week. I'm excited!
So now I get to chat with all of you, my lovely clients, in person. In one working day I would often tell my back story several times. You find out who I am, why I became a physio, why I love being a physio and now why I love my daughter so much. I chat and write about my experiences and all the things I've done, but as I do so it also makes me think about all the things I still want to do, what I want to improve and where the future might take me and my family. It's so exciting!
Sometimes you get lost in being a busy, stressed working mum, but as this new chapter begins I'm trying to stay focused on all the small daily wins. There are so many! Each of my clients will no doubt hear about some of my daily wins, but I'd like you to also know that each of you are actually a huge win! It's a privilege to be equipped with the skills to help you and I thoroughly enjoy working through problems. So I would like to say a huge thank you to the SquareOne community. Thank you for your support, your stories, your time and most of all thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey.

Lauren and family


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