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5 Tips to Improve your Swimming Performance

With summer on the way and the explosion of the number of open water swimming events to choose from – we are more often seeing swimmers in the practice. Our focus is to not only address your injury but to take the time to focus on those factors that can improve your swimming performance and reduce your injury risk in the future.

Swimming is a skill and like learning to hit a golf ball or swing a tennis racquet it takes practice.  Your speed through the water is determined by the amount of propulsion you can create and the amount of drag your body creates. The more propulsion and the less drag the faster you go.

To increase your speed through the water it is a lot easier to “improve your boat shape” and reduce your drag rather than create more propulsive force. Efficiency is key and is evident in the numbers…to create a 10% increase in velocity through the water you either need to have a 30% increase in propulsive force generated or a 3% reduction in drag force.

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